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About us

About us



Triple-M Products Co., Ltd.



Was established on September 2001. From fried seaweed business (SME) which was run by family members. It was the first SMS business group to do this business. In the past, fried seaweed was not popular but it has been growing up sequentially. And fried seaweed is strongly accepted in the market in 2004. We expanded and turned from SME to MME for supporting the growth of seaweed consuming. We also divided and expanded our seaweed products. From fried seaweed that required oil in transformation to roasted seaweed which was not required oil in transformation.

Our roasted seaweed is different from roasted or grilled seaweed which passed the production by machineries from abroad. Oil is required as a taste united. It’s changed to use the unique Thai style roast that can be controlled manufacturing and reduce the damage from manufacturing more than using the same machine of the same industries.



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